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Reveling in Natural Beauty | Imperfectly Perfect Baroque Pearls
I had a revelation one evening (during my healing journey) as I bathed my pre-school daughter.  With a backdrop of bath crayon drawings, and flying bubbles, I found myself captivated by her beauty.  
As I went through the motions, I recounted all the things I loved. Her giant-sized spirit in her pint-sized body.  Her friendly smile and contagious laugh .. the twinkle in her eyes, her plump gorgeous lips and those model-envy eyebrows.  
And, I noticed that as I was adoring her, I was recounting all the things I disliked about myself: my furrowed brow, and so serious nature, my thinning hair, too wide eyes & too thin lips. (it was always a battle I couldn't win).
Then, a terrifying thought struck me.
What if she feels like I do someday?  What if this beautiful child grows up & feels like she's flawed? What if she becomes so discouraged, she feels like a complete failure?!
No. I couldn't bear the thought of it. 
And then, all of a sudden, I realized that that is how God feels about us.  That is how God feels about me (and about you).  We are His children, created in His image, and He thinks that we are beautiful.
It was a freeing and powerful moment.
Later, when I chose to make pearl jewelry, I chose Baroque pearls (irregularly shaped pearls) for just that reason.  They are imperfectly perfect; just like us.  Filled with character, and light, and a reminder that we are one of a kind. Perfectly and wonderfully made.
 My daughter & I. July 2016
My daughter & I on my birthday, July 2016.

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