Commissioned Work

At Milk Velvet Pearls, we create custom pieces that celebrate your unique story. Contact us to craft a personalized piece of jewelry that reflects you. Previous commissioned pieces are available for purchase by special order.

Repurposed Mother's Pearl into Bridal Jewelry

The bride's mom commissioned me to repurpose the exquisite strand of pearls that her husband had given to her the day that their daughter was born.  Together, we designed this gold-filled, tin cup style necklace and bracelet for her daughter's wedding, and then I restrung the remaining pearls into a new, shorter necklace for her. The result was breathtaking, and one of my favorite projects to date. 

Custom Bridal Party Earrings and Bracelets

Custom gold-filled freshwater pearl bracelet for a bride, and matching bracelets and Double Portion Earrings for all her bridesmaids.

Custom Pinterest Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Custom, dainty, gold-filled, tin-cup style necklace and bracelet inspired by bride's Pinterest board, and mom's desire to give her daughter meaningful jewelry for her wedding day.

Custom rose gold necklace

A custom rose gold Mother's necklace to welcome a new baby girl

A custom 50th Birthday gift

A custom FSU Gift

A custom send off gift from Mom & Dad for a FSU freshman

A hunted and handpicked Tahitian Pearl

A hunted and handpicked Tahitian Pearl with green overtones for customer whose favorite color is green.  

A custom Pay-It-Forward bracelet

A custom Pay-It-Forward bracelet with sterling silver beads, 14k gold-filled accents and a silver Tahitian pearl centerpiece.

Grey and white baroque pearls on grey Australian leather

Mixed grey and white baroque pearls on grey Australian leather for customer's sterling silver fleur-de-lis pendant. 

New Orleans Destination Wedding Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Set with Rose Gold, Fleur-de-lis, and Grey Baroque Pearls for New Orleans Destination Wedding

Mixed Baroque Pearl Rope Necklace and Double Strand Bracelet

1st Dibs inspired 36" Nucleated Baroque Pearl Necklace

10 Year Anniversary Gift

37" Tahitian Pearl Rope Necklace with 14k white gold stardust clasp

For Mother's Day

Custom 32" long chain with large pearl

40th Birthday Gift

40 grey pearls for 40 years, three white pearls for her three kids.

Wedding Gift for eight bridesmaids

Anniversary Gift

37" baroque pearl rope necklace with 14k gold-filled beaded clasp