Beauty Born from Struggle


Meet Sarah Faulkner

After a profound personal transformation through faith, Sarah Faulkner turned her insights into action. Inspired by the resilience symbolized by pearls, she launched Milk Velvet Pearls in 2014, blending her engineering expertise and artistic passion. This venture quickly grew into a global platform, connecting with women through shared stories of struggle and triumph. Milk Velvet Pearls isn't just jewelry; it's a testament to beauty born from adversity, embodying Sarah's journey and the universal power of perseverance and faith.

The Making of a Pearl

In "The Making of a Pearl," Sarah Faulkner unfolds her transformative journey from near-death to a life filled with joy and peace, following a miraculous encounter with Jesus during a life-threatening stroke. This memoir is not just her story—it's an invitation to find strength and solace through faith. Published by WestBow Press, Sarah's narrative offers an inspiring glimpse into the power of divine grace. Her tale is a compelling beacon for anyone navigating their own storms, encouraging readers to trust in the impossible. Join Sarah on a journey of healing and faith that promises to resonate long after the last page.

Commissioned Work

At Milk Velvet Pearls, we create custom pieces that celebrate your unique story. Contact us to craft a personalized piece of jewelry that reflects you.

The pearl. It’s nature’s splendor born from agony. A gentle gem that whispers “in all things, at all times ~ be faithful”.