Pearl Restringing Services

Silk thread provides a beautiful strength and drape to a pearl necklaces, but it does weaken, stretch, and discolor over time.  To prolong the life and beauty of your pearls, you should have them restrung from time to time. Fresh silk knots will give your necklace a cleaner, tighter appearance and preserve the integrity of your pearls.

Restringing / reknotting prices are as follows:

  • Single strand bracelet up to 9” $50
  • Single strand necklace up to 18” $100
  • Single strand necklace up to 22” $125
  • Single strand necklace up to 25” $150
  • Single strand necklace up to 35” $175
  • Extra small pearls will be charged an extra $30-50

New clasps, and additional pearls may be incorporated for an additional cost.


It is always an honor for me to work with heirloom jewelry. I have redesigned pearl necklaces into new contemporary designs; and have broken them apart to make single pieces of jewelry for multiple members of the family.

From matching single pearl pendant necklaces for everyone in the family; to custom creations in various styles and metals to suit individual preferences, the possibilities for new enjoyment of your old jewelry are endless.

Pricing for design and materials will vary depending on your needs.

Please contact me to begin the process.