Pearl Care

Milk Velvet Pearls jewelry is handcrafted with natural pearls. As the only gem created by a living creature, these pearls require special handling to preserve their beauty.


Put your pearls on last and take them off first.  Always apply cosmetics, perfume, and hair care products before you put on your pearls.


Wipe gently with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove body oils and perspiration & store in a jewelry box.  Keep pearls away from objects that may scratch them.  Do not hang.  Hanging will eventually stretch the silk thread.  Also, do not keep them in a plastic bag. Pearls need moisture & humidity or they could become dehydrated.


Wipe immediately with soft cloth & water if pearls come into contact with an acid. Common acids include: chlorine pools, salad dressing, & most household cleaners. Remove caked on debris with a cotton ball dampened with water & diluted alcohol. DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL LIQUID JEWELRY CLEANERS.

Metal Care

Milk Velvet Pearls’ jewelry is handcrafted with 14k gold-filled and sterling silver components. Gold or silver plated metals will be noted accordingly.  Other metals such as platinum, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and oxidized silver are available by custom request.

To clean the metal components, wipe gently with a commercial jewelry polishing cloth. A patented cleansing cloth will remove tarnish from sterling silver and 14k gold-fill, and return your jewelry to deep, long lasting shine.    Sunshine & Hagerty are two good brands available on  Sunshine is available for purchase here. DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL LIQUID JEWELRY CLEANERS.