Speaking Inquiries

Have Sarah Faulkner, the creative force behind Milk Velvet Pearls, share her heartfelt testimony at your next gathering. Sarah’s life is a vivid narrative of overcoming through faith, highlighted by her personal battle with her son's opioid addiction, her survival from a brain aneurysm rupture, a life-threatening stroke, and a subsequent brain surgery. These experiences have deepened her relationship with God, showcasing His power to heal, restore, and transform even in the darkest of times.

My name is Sarah and I speak about divine transformation, after a near-death brain aneurysm rupture, to help audiences believe beyond their circumstances.

Sarah’s story is one of finding beauty in struggle, much like the pearls she meticulously crafts, symbolizing triumph over adversity. Her resilience and renewed joy in life are a testament to God’s grace and miraculous works. She embodies hope, standing today as a vibrant survivor, happier and in better health than she could have ever imagined, all while giving glory to God for her renewal.

Her experiences have resonated on various platforms - from prestigious conferences at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach to intimate talks with faith-based groups in the Tampa Bay area and insightful appearances on podcasts. Sarah's voice brings a personal touch that inspires and connects deeply with her audience, making her story universal.

Sarah’s message goes beyond her own experiences; it’s an uplifting reminder that God continues to work wonders today, bringing renewal and hope where it seems impossible.

If your community could be uplifted by Sarah's story of faith and the incredible ways God can remake our lives, she would be honored to share her story with you.

To invite Sarah to speak at your event, please contact her at info@milkvelvetpearls.com or fill out the form below. Let her story inspire and bring a message of hope and healing to your event.