It's been an amazing 2022, and I am excited to offer this Holiday Gift Guide with all my favorite pieces of the year.  The Baroque Hoop Earrings are perfect everyday earrings. I've been been wearing them almost non-stop all year. I took them on my summer vacation and wore them for weeks in Greece, Italy, France and the U.K. I chose them for my business conferences in Colorado and Arizona, and wore them to visit my family in Vermont. If you see me around Tampa Bay (or on social media), there's a good chance that I am wearing these earrings. They are the perfect size, available in sterling silver or gold filled, and go beautifully with various MVP strand necklaces. 




The new limited edition Keshi Collar Necklace was a spin off from the Lilies of the Field Collection, and it surprised me with its feminine flair. I wore it to a gala, and to an outdoor summer photoshoot. I love how it is bold, artistic, and so out of the ordinary. To me it exudes power, femininity and grace. If you are looking to gift (or wear) something that no one else has, this is it.  


The Jackie O Necklace shot to popularity again after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. I have upgraded the quality of the pearls from previous years, and continue to hand knot each pearl on beautiful German silk thread. The drape of this necklace using my technique is fluid, and gorgeous. The quality supercedes most everything else on the market. It's luxurious and feminine. An heirloom necklace that will last for generations. 



The WHISPER Earrings design was a divine surprise, and has been the most fun of all the pieces all year. I learned to craft and hammer dainty gold filled wire hoops, drilled large keshi pearls and... voila!  Everyone who has purchased them so far, has loved them. They are easy to wear, exquisitely beautiful, whimsical and elegant. I also gifted them to my life coach and mentor Tonya Leigh with the School of Self Image - and she also RAVED about them. So fun!!



The "All These Blessings" Bracelet is my newest design but it makes the list because of its sleek simplicity.  I designed it as a custom 70th Birthday gift for a woman dearly loved by many.  When I was finished with it, I wanted to wear it too. It's simple, but eye-catching. Classic, yet unique. I thought of the life she has lived, and the impact she has had on so many... and the scripture "All these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you listen to the voice of your God." - Deuteronomy 28:2 came to me. 



I pray that all God's blessings come upon you and overtake you too.

 Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas. 






So glad I found you. I just met Your Aunty Chris in the Bahamas and noticed my love of pearls. She was kind enough to see great I check out your website. Live your beautiful jewelry. I’ll now continue to window shop from my beach chair. ❤️

— Ritu Tandon