Story Tellers Live is a community of Live Gatherings & A Weekly Podcast of "Everyday women sharing personal stories of God's love".  I was overjoyed when I learned about them, and I spent several weeks preparing for my recording.

I've been striving to share my testimony through my jewelry for 7 years, but I was unprepared for the flood of traumatic memories and shame that came  back to me as I tried to piece together my whole story.  God has saved me so many times from so many tragic situations.....even before I knew who He was. 

I wanted everyone to know that no matter what you've done, or how much you've been hurt, or how sick you are YOU CAN HAVE HOPE. Jesus is powerful and He can save. But the attacks from the enemy were brutal, and I almost couldn't go through with it. 

I want to thank Robyn and Katie for their patience, their coaching, rescheduling and holding my hand. And I need to thank Jennie Allen, as it was her rendition of Jesus meeting the woman at the well in her book "Nothing to Prove" that gave me the courage to share it all.



I am the woman at the well. The most broken of all. The one who was hiding. The one Jesus found and made new. 

I hope my story will encourage, console and uplift you!!





The Story of My Unraveling - Sarah Faulkner :: [Episode141]
StoryTellers Live

Sarah, from Safety Harbor, Florida ​shares her journey of finding Jesus again and again through the struggles she has faced in life.  From growing up with an alcoholic mom, to finding her self-worth in her own children, to walking through her son's addiction, to facing a health crisis that almost took her life, Sarah points us to a Father in Heaven  - who is good and trustworthy and is on the front lines fighting our battles for us.    ​ RESOURCES: Join the STL Community on Patreon Sarah Faulkner Jewelry-    

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