My mission with my jewelry has always been to share my testimony and the radical transformation of my life by faith, with as many people as I possibly can.   

At the beginning of my journey, I chose to use the symbolism of the pearl, and "beauty born from struggle" because I could not find the words to communicate the transformation I had experienced. But, since then, the struggles have become more difficult, and God has revealed a greater, deeper power to me. 

He has carried me through the heartache of my son’s opioid addiction and recovery, my brain aneurysm rupture, 5-day brain bleed, subarachnoid hemorrhage stroke and 2nd brain aneurysm surgery. 

God's sufficient grace sustained, strengthened, healed and remade me. Literally.

I feel brand new.

Today, I am alive, and I am WELL.   In fact, I am happier, and healthier that I have ever been in my adult life, and I give God all the glory.

Ladies and gentlemen. God is still doing miracles!

He can make things new.

I’ve been honored to speak at The Southern Seed Association's Annual Conference at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach, and to various faith based groups in in the Tampa Bay area including ThriveLife, ChangeHerStory.Org and S.P.A. Fitness Ministry.

I've also shared my story on multiple podcasts including: Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle,  Carmen Brown of the JOY.FM, Krista Hull of Redeem and Restore, and StoryTellers Live.


If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from hearing my miracle story in person, please contact me via email at




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