Silver + Gold Tahitian Pearl Bracelet



This bracelet was a originally designed as a special request for a "Pay-It-Forward" bracelet for a customer and recipient; both of whom are dear friends to me. My intention was to capture their radiant beauty and faithful hearts in a modern classic piece: durable enough to be passed on.  I drew inspiration from a Tiffany's bracelet beginning with heavy sterling silver beads, adding 14k gold-filled accents and finishing with a silver Tahitian pearl centerpiece.  The result was elegant and stunning. 



  • 11-14mm Tahitian pearl with natural undertones of silver, black, blue and green
  • bright, heavy wall 8mm sterling silver beads
  • 14k gold-filled accent beads
  • jewelers' elastic


MADE TO ORDER.  Please choose size at check out.

For best fit, measure wrist with fabric tape and add 1/4". 

** All jewelry is meticulously handmade by me in my Florida home studio. Please allow 1-3 business days for production.