About Sarah

In 2012, I realized  I had emerged from the deepest pain of my life stronger, more hopeful and filled with joy. From total brokenness and by complete surrender, I had experienced a complete and radical transformation explainable only by the power of prayer. I had witnessed God’s presence and His power and I urgently wanted to tell others who were hurting and skeptical like I had been. “If people only knew what God did in my life, they would have no more questions.”

I tried and failed (repeatedly) to write a book. Invariably, the recounting of the events would emotionally overwhelm me, and I’d get sick. For years I could hardly talk about what happened without choking-ugly-crying. And it was such a shame. The beautiful part of the story came at the end. It came after the struggle. I knew I’d go through it all over again just to be where I am now; but I couldn't convey the message.

Fortunately, the day my young daughter held my great-grandmother’s pearls, asked all kinds of questions about how they were formed, and declared  “Mama ~ Pearls are like people. Bad things make them prettier on the inside.” I had an epiphany.

The pearl was a metaphor for my life.

The pearl was the way to share my story.

For my life as for the oyster, beauty had been born from the struggle.

So with my construction / engineering background and artistic nature, I set out to redesign the world’s oldest and most feminine gem as a modern, luxurious symbol of faith. I envisioned the unparalleled beauty of natural pearls (the only gem born of a living creature) worn casually, and daily. I became obsessed with learning and
purveying beautiful, affordable pearls.

I opened my shop MILK VELVET PEARLS on Mother’s Day 2014, and since then the response has been overwhelming. Today, MVP has reached women in 38 states, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Nigeria. Connecting with my customers over the years has taught me that the power of prayer, and the beauty we find through pain are stories that many of us share.

It is an honor for me to do this work.

God is with us, and He has great plans for our lives.